24 July 2013

BioSense User Community: Overview and Transition

ISDS has been hosting a series of BioSense 2.0 User Community Calls throughout 2012 and 2013, the most recent of which was held on July 16. These calls provide an opportunity to discuss BioSense 2.0, ask questions, and hear responses from RTI, BioSense Governance, CDC and ASTHO. ISDS is now transitioning into a monthly BioSense User Group Meeting, the first of which will be held on Tuesday, August 20, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT (registration is now open).

The User Group Meetings will follow a similar format to prior Community Calls. At the July 16th call we received responses to technical questions (submitted during meeting registration) that covered topics ranging from accessing BioSense to best practices for on-boarding. Mike Alletto at RTI led us through the questions and responses with additional input from Yvonne Konnor (BioSense Governance Representative), Alan Davis (CDC), and Scott Gordon and Lindsay Strack from ASTHO.

Yvonne also provided us with an update from BioSense Governance, including emphasizing a continuing focus on two-way communication between users, developers, and CDC to increase sustainability and transparency.

One of our interesting open discussion questions focused on using syndromic surveillance to look at information from a specific event such as a marathon, wildfire, or sporting event. We heard some good feedback from participants in Ohio, Florida, and Rhode Island with useful tips including creating a new, unique acronym to use specifically for monitoring the intended event. Other users noted that the increasing use of dropdown menus in EHRs may negatively affect the ability to create unique acronyms since there is no space for a free text chief complaint.

If you are part of the BioSense 2.0 community and are interested in asking questions, discussing your experiences, and hearing from others, we hope you’ll join us in August!

Future 2013 Meeting Dates: August 20th, September 17th, October 15th, November 19th, December 17th

Written by: Becky Zwickl, MPH, ISDS Public Health Analyst

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