03 July 2013

2013 ISDS Conference Travel Request Toolkit - NOW Available

Why the ISDS Conference?
The annual ISDS conference is a truly unique experience that is highly educational and career-enhancing. It is a cross-disciplinary conference that is relevant to many areas, including One Health; surveillance for infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and environmental health issues; as well as pharmacovigilance. In addition, along with numerous sessions on informatics, disease surveillance policy, analytical methods, and public health surveillance practice, you will learn and discover how to implement ideas that improve your professional skills. In fact, on the 2012 ISDS Conference evaluation, about 90% of respondents indicated that they may or will make changes in their work – for example, in their methods or tools – based on what they learned at the ISDS Conference.

As you attend sessions and network with colleagues, you will have the opportunity to interact with professionals from a variety of sectors, including governmental, academic, non-profit, and for-profit. Every year, these interactions result in the launch of exciting new collaborations and the development of innovations. In addition, the 2013 ISDS Pre-Conference Workshopsand Conference will provide:
  •  Information about the most up-to-date practices, tools, and research results.
  •  Access to the extensive and collective expertise of ISDS members and other stakeholders.
  • High quality training opportunities that build workforce competencies relevant to your practical needs.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the evidence-base in published conference proceedings.

Participating in the 2013 ISDS Conference offers an invigorating opportunity that creates a foundation for professional achievement and, ultimately, a more rewarding career. 

Most ISDS Conference attendees must request permission from their organization to attend, and while the precise information and degree to which individuals must justify their attendance may vary, there are common elements that are often required. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide professionals interested in attending the 2013 ISDS Pre-Conference Workshops and Conference with the tools they need to submit a travel request to their organization. We invite you to use and adapt the following tools based on your needs:
  1. Information on return on investment (ROI);
  2. Sample letter to your supervisor;
  3. Information on Certified in Public Health (CPH)recertification credits;
  4. Letter of invitation (for you); and
  5. Preliminary agendas.
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