31 March 2011

Public Health Informatics 2011 Conference: Call for Abstracts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Informatics and Technology Program Office (PHITPO) will be hosting the Public Health Informatics 2011 Conference in Atlanta from August 21-24.  In accordance with the conference theme, Engaging, Empowering, Evolving...Together, this meeting is an opportunity to provide input to CDC on how to implement current and future initiatives in the greater public health and national Health Information Technology arena. 

The conference will feature workshops, training on informatics and opportunities for networking across all sectors of public health, and will include participation from key groups such as NACCHO, ASTHO, CSTE, JPHIT and more.  

Abstract submissions will be accepted in four areas:

  • Call for abstract presentations
  • Call for posters
  • Call for computer demonstrations
  • Call for panels
Submissions will be accepted until April 18, 2011.  

25 March 2011

Public Health Surveillance Courses Hosted by the University of Alberta School of Public Health

The University of Alberta School of Public Health will be offering a series of Public Health Surveillance professional development courses in Edmonton, Alberta from May 30 - June 14, 2011.  Courses will range from two to five days.

The courses are designed for front-line public health staff and will have an applied focus.  They are ideal for practitioners, clinicians and policy developers working in health services, health systems, government and non-governmental organizations. 

The courses will cover the fundamentals of planning, implementing and evaluating surveillance systems for communicable and non-communicable diseases, injury, and risk factors.  They will also provide practical knowledge in the use of modeling, geographic information systems, and communication and dissemination. 

Faculty lecturers are from:
  • Alberta Health and Wellness
  • Alberta Health Services
  • McMaster University
  • US CDC and Prevention Public Health Agency of Canada
  • University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, School of Public Health
  • University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine

Additional details available on the course web page.  Or, for more information, please contact Ashley Orleski.