25 March 2011

Public Health Surveillance Courses Hosted by the University of Alberta School of Public Health

The University of Alberta School of Public Health will be offering a series of Public Health Surveillance professional development courses in Edmonton, Alberta from May 30 - June 14, 2011.  Courses will range from two to five days.

The courses are designed for front-line public health staff and will have an applied focus.  They are ideal for practitioners, clinicians and policy developers working in health services, health systems, government and non-governmental organizations. 

The courses will cover the fundamentals of planning, implementing and evaluating surveillance systems for communicable and non-communicable diseases, injury, and risk factors.  They will also provide practical knowledge in the use of modeling, geographic information systems, and communication and dissemination. 

Faculty lecturers are from:
  • Alberta Health and Wellness
  • Alberta Health Services
  • McMaster University
  • US CDC and Prevention Public Health Agency of Canada
  • University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, School of Public Health
  • University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine

Additional details available on the course web page.  Or, for more information, please contact Ashley Orleski.

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