06 February 2012

Now Available: Responses to the Call for Potential Uses of PHSS Data

In November, ISDS issued a Call for Potential Uses of Public Health Syndromic Surveillance (PHSS) Data to seek input from U.S. and international surveillance professionals to determine the primary public health purposes of PHSS and the data elements needed from inpatient and ambulatory clinical care settings. 

Open-ended responses were collected using an on-line survey form. The survey remained open for approximately six week. The de-identified responses to this call are now available on the ISDS website. This stakeholder input has been used to inform the development of recommendations by the ISDS Meaningful Use Workgroup

You may now view and download the Preliminary Analysis and the Preliminary Data (raw data) reports that discuss the stakeholder response. It is important to note that the views expressed in these documents are the respondents' and no not necessarily represent the views of the International Society for Disease Surveillance or the Meaningful Use Workgroup. 

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