03 December 2014

[CBPR] Health Across Borders Call for Papers - Deadline January 15/March 1st

Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue: 

Health Across Borders

Critical questions of migration, immigration and diaspora as they relate to health and health systems provide the central theme for this October 2015 journal issue. See below for some of the topics suggested for manuscript submission to sections such as Original Research, Lessons from the Field, Special Article, Perspective and Viewpoint. The journal accepts original papers in Spanish or English, and publishes in English.

Submission deadlines

January 15, 2015 for Spanish manuscripts
March 1, 2015 for English manuscripts

~Implications of migration for health systems and access to health services by immigrants

~Cross-border initiatives to address access to health care and health equity

~Immigration law and immigrants' rights to health care

~Ethics of caring for undocumented immigrants

~Refugee health

~Human trafficking (role of health care providers in detection and protection)

~Gender and age as components of immigrant health and health care

~Occupational health and safety as a component of immigrant health and health care

~County of origin vs. host country: do the nature and effectiveness of health systems in either case influence health status over time and generations?

~Comparative analysis of health status disparities in host countries, by countries of origin

~Challenges increased mobility presents concerning vectors, diseases and other health risks, and strategies to address these

~Culture, ethnicity and immigration: adoption of new cultural patterns (nutrition, etc.) in host country and influences on health; the cultural divide between immigrants and nature of host-country health care; cultural competency of health professionals, etc.

~Influence of immigration policies on health (in country of origin and host country)

~Temporary vs. permanent population migration and implications for health systems

~Cross-border collaboration in sanitary regulations, research, disease surveillance, etc.

MEDICC Review, available in print and open-access online, is a peer-reviewed English-language health sciences journal. It publishes Cuban and international authors concerning themes related to global health equity. The digital edition receives an average of 26,000 article-reads monthly from over 120 countries.  An Editorial Board of 50 members from 16 nations guides the journal's work. See www.medicc.org/mediccreview for the latest issue, archives and author guidelines.

Please send manuscripts to editors@medicc.org

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