18 December 2014

BioAsia 2015 Public Health & Access Conference

Public health is a critical part of the larger concept of health systems but with the shrinking global health resources and the continuous threat of infectious and non-infectious diseases, strengthening public health systems has become critically important to ensure sustainability, equity, effectiveness and efficiency to improve global health outcomes and forces the international community of health leaders to be more strategic in public health planning and implementation and meeting the Millennium Development Goals.
As BioAsia 2015 focuses on the New Era of Life Sciences, it is indispensable to address new issues and challenges pertaining to Public Health in India and Asia. The worldwide epidemiological transition has resulted in the dominance of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) as a cause of mortality and morbidity in the most developing countries. Join us in a panel discussion on addressing the various Non-communicable diseases & Mental Health Disorders. The conference will have some of the most eminent, national & internationally acclaimed personalities like Padma Bhushan Prof. K. Srinath Reddy, Prof. D. Prabhakaran, Prof. Nikhil Tandon among others on panel.
Public Health Organizations
Research Institutes
Ethical & Regulatory boards
Healthcare Advocacy groups
Community health workers
State Public Health Agency Staff
Public health educators
Vaccine manufacturing & distributors
Global Centers for Disease Control
For more info contact
Ms. Paridhi Gupta
+91 - 40 - 6644 6477 / 6577
Conference Co-Organizer
Global Burden of NCDs: Responding to
Health transition
Addressing NCDs in India through
comprehensive approach
Government of India: Efforts to prevent
& control NCDs
Capacity Building of Healthcare Practitioners in
NCDs – A Model Program from India
Bringing Clinical Research into the Next
Decade: Innovations & Global Strategies
Role of Information Technology to Help
Clinicians and Patients for better management
of NCDs & DSS in the New Healthcare
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Supporting Organisations
BioAsia Secretariat, 204, B-Block, Imperial Apartments, Greenlands Circle, Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500016, Telangana, India. T: +91 40 66446477/6577 F: +91 40 66446977 E: info@bioasia.in

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