19 October 2012

ISDS is Now a Provider of CPHCE Credits

ISDS has recently been approved as a provider of Certified Public Health Continuing Education (CPHCE) credits.The CPH credential was established by the National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE) in an effort to give recognition to public health practitioners who have mastered core competencies of public health and who continue their education to remain at the forefront of public health practice. To become CPH certified, a graduate from a CEPH-accredited school or program of public health must pass the entry CPH Exam then complete a bi-annual recertification process to maintain the credential. Every two years, CPH professionals must earn 50 CPH credits to be re-certified. These credits may be earned through a variety of activities such as attending public health professional events, taking college or university courses, reading peer-reviewed literature, attending online webinars, and more.

As an ISDS member benefit, ISDS will be providing CPH CE credits to ISDS members free of charge for various activities such as on-line webinars and in-person meetings. Non-members will be asked to pay a small fee based on the activity and number of credits earned. 

The first ISDS event that will offer CPH CE credit will be the November 8th webinar entitle "Public Health Quality Measures in the Surveillance Context." 

Here are some quick facts about CPH certification:
  • Current number of CPH: 2,500
  • Estimated number of CPH renewal applications in 2012: 1,000
  • Minimum number of CE recertification credits required for 2012 renewal deadlines: 50,000
ISDS hopes to help provide some of these needed credits and provide opportunities for continuing education in the field of disease surveillance.

Learn more about becoming CPH certified here: http://www.nbphe.org/

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