03 August 2012

Syndromic Surveillance Reference Implementation Release 3 Now Available

The Community for Population and Public Health Measures (COPHM) is pleased to announce the third release of its Syndromic Surveillance Reference Implementation application. Using the Syndromic Surveillance Reference Implementation will allow organizations to quickly and easily setup a secured Biosurveillance system that utilizes the latest NwHIN specifications. The tool has been designed to enable secure communications between two organizations, or between an organization and the BioSense 2.0 system.

Fully compliant with the latest version of the PHIN Messaging guide for Syndromic Surveillance, the tool is open source and free to download and customize. Release 3.0 adds support for the NwHIN Direct messaging platform to the available transport mechanisms.

Visit the COPHM release page at http://www.cophm.org/content/release-30 for more information.

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