06 August 2012

National Defense Industrial Association's Biosurveillance Conference

Creating a National Biosurveillance Strategy: Addressing the Shortfalls and Filling the Gaps

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is hosting a conference at Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill from August 27 - 28th.

With new developments and advancements in biotechnology, the range of biological threats is becoming infinite. Failed attempts to develop an effective national biosurveillance strategy have left the U.S., and its allies, unprepared in a particularly dangerous time. The NDIA Biosurveillance Conference will provide a forum for addressing the many known shortfalls and inadequacies, in the biosurveillance community, preventing us from developing, implementing, and maintaining a national biosurveillance strategy.

Attendees will be provided the opportunity to share ideas and explore the vital next steps to achieve the overall goal of standardizing and integrating the biosurveillance community, thus, helping us prepare for and protect against harmful biological agents in the environment.

In a time where strengthening our defenses in the biological arena is of national priority, it’s more important than ever to bring government, industry, academia, and first responders together, on one stage, in order to “address the shortfalls and fill in the gaps” in our national biosurveillance strategy.

Regular registration ends August 17th. For more information, please visit the NDIA conference website.

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