26 July 2012

JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health Announces Free Online Courses

On July 17th, 2012 the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) announced it will be joining several other universities in offering free online courses through the social entrepreneurship company, Coursera, in an effort to "give everyone access to the world-class education that has so far been available to only a select few." Johns Hopkins University joins this endeavor with several institutions such as Stanford University; Princeton University; University of Washington; University of California, Berkeley; École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; California Institute of Technology and many others to provide high-quality college-level material that covers topics ranging from the Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and more.

Beginning in the fall, Johns Hopkins University will initiate its partnership with Coursera by offering eight courses from the Bloomberg School of Public Health. These courses will be taught by JHU professors and cover subjects that include Data Analysis, Principles of Obesity Economics, Vaccine Trails: Methods and Best Practices, Health for All Through Primary Care, and more. The Dean of the Bloomberg School, Michael J. Klag, spoke of this new partnership and stated, "Sharing our knowledge and research with the world is an essential part of our mission of improving health and saving lives."

ISDS applauds the Johns Hopkins University and the Bloomberg School of Public Health along with the other partner universities for embarking on this mission to make information more accessible. ISDS also commends the innovative efforts of Coursera for facilitating knowledge sharing that will help educate and equip students beyond the reach of the conventional classroom.

Follow these links to learn more about the Johns Hopkins announcement and explore what other universities are teaching online at the Coursera website.


  1. I really appreciate JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health for announcing free online college classes for those in need.

  2. That would be an awesome step for JHU Bloomberg School! A free course is always good.