16 November 2011

EpiDig: Using Gaming Tools to Train Disease Surveillance Professionals

The ISDS staff previewed the Epidemiological Disease Investigation Game (EpiDig) today with some of the development team from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. This was an exciting sneak peak at the game that will be presented and played at the Pre-Conference Workshop at the 10th Annual ISDS Conference on December 6th, 2011. 

EpiDig is a public health game developed by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in collaboration with the Boston Public Health Commission in which players become public health investigators attempting to solve a public health crisis. Those who attend Track 2: Using Gaming Tools to Train Disease Surveillance Professionals and Investigate Next-Generation Capabilities at the Pre-Conference will learn  how game-based tools can be used for training and technology evaluation and have an opportunity to play EpiDig themselves. 

Space is limited for this fun and engaging workshop, so register today!

For more information on the Pre-Conference Workshop tracks, visit the Pre-Confernce webpage

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