11 November 2011

BioSense 2.0--21st Century Surveillance is Days Away

The following is an important message from the BioSense 2.0 Team:

In just a few days, BioSense 2.0 will be open for business! The new environment is the result of your feedback on design features, specifications, and data needs…and one thing is for sure… we’ve heard you loud and clear during our requirements gathering activities.  The newly designed and developed BioSense 2.0 has many features suggested by users. We also know that our users need technical assistance (TA) that is robust and efficient.  We’ve not only heard you, but we’ve built a comprehensive technical assistance framework for easy TA access and navigation. 

The TA framework features a web-based tool to track and manage TA requests ensuring that all requests are resolved in a timely manner. Technical assistance questions and requests can be submitted through a variety of channels, including info@biosen.se. Since the rollout is just days away, we’re finalizing TA tools and resources to assist with the launch and any on-boarding needs (including DUA completion and data sharing links) users may have. As the system matures, we anticipate that TA needs will shift to a more traditional form of direct support for users and creative uses of the system (i.e., Challenge Grants).

For additional information, please take a moment to view our new FAQs or simply visit the BioSense Redesign Collaboration Site where you can contribute to Requirements Gathering Posts; sign up to be an editor for the coverage map, read our most recent community forum posts, or subscribe to our RSS feed for updates. Please send comments to info@biosen.se.

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