08 July 2014

The Requirements Dilemma: choosing between 'shall' statements and 'user stories'

Please join ASTHO for a unique opportunity to engage with Dr Seater on the benefit of looking at requirements gathering through the perspective of the "user story."

Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time: 2:00PM EDT

Speaker: Dr. Robert Seater
Dr. Seater will discuss the fundamental contradiction that requirements often present us with -- that they are both critical and a waste of time.  Understanding how this contradiction comes about helps us to address the problem by choosing an appropriate notation based on the phase of the project.  He will discuss the tradeoffs and appropriate use of traditional 'shall' statements and 'user stories'.  These tradeoffs are especially important to user-facing projects, but they are also valuable to projects focused on infrastructure or modernization.
Dr. Seater received his PhD from MIT in Computer Science, where he worked on a technique for mapping requirements to automated software analysis and applying the technique to a working radiation therapy machine.  He is currently a research scientist at MIT Lincoln Lab, where he works on requirements.  When he is not worrying about requirements, Dr. Seater plays and publishes strategic tabletop board games.

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