13 June 2014

Fridays from the Archives: Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan

Friday, June 13, 2014: Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan

Last week, the ISDS Global Outreach Committee hosted a webinar on the Ahmedabad, India Heat Action Plan that was developed after a particularly deadly heat wave in the area in 2010. Dr. Dileep Mavalankar (Public Health Foundation of India) presented on the swift action he took following the 2010 heat wave.

The presentation focused first on the effects of the heat wave, including both the increased morbidity and mortality. Then, Dr. Mavalankar described how he developed the Heat Action plan for the area, how it was implemented, and what it contains. There are practical suggestions (i.e., wear light-colored clothing) and early warning systems (with color-coded alert levels). The plan has an important focus on building the capacity of emergency staff, such as ambulance staff and emergency room workers.

This webinar provides important information and suggestions for mitigating the effects of heat-related illness, which are especially valuable as we enter summer in the northern hemisphere. To learn more about this webinar or to review the recording please see the ISDS webinar archive.

This post is part of the series Fridays from the Archives. You can access all posts in the series here.

Written by Becky Zwickl, MPH, ISDS Public Health Analyst (bzwickl@syndromic.org). 

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