15 March 2013

DTRA Request for Proposals: Disease Surveillance

https://www.fbo.gov/spg/ODA/DTRA/DTRA01/HDTRA1-14-CHEM-BIO-BAA/listing.html. For a list of proposal topics, visit the link above and scroll to Attachment 9 on the right hand side of the page. Please note that this call ends on Wednesday, March 20th.
The purpose of this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) is to solicit proposals for the Chemical and Biological Technologies Department Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-FY2016 Program Build

This solicitation is an extramural endeavor focused on seeking optimum approaches to meet technology objectives within the following areas: Diagnostics, Detection, and Disease Surveillance, Physical Science and Technology, Translational Medical, Advanced and Emerging Threats, and Information Systems Capability.

The purpose of this BAA is to solicit research proposals for Chemical and Biological Defense Program, DTRA requirements for the Chemical / Biological Technologies Department BAA for the FY2014-2016 program.

The Chemical / Biological Technologies Department (CB), in its continuing mission, seeking new and innovative ideas for experimental and theoretical development of technologies to fill DoD requirements for chemical and biological defense. The goal is to identify and select science and technology projects that can be transitioned to joint acquisition programs. Proposals may only address the current topics presented in Attachment 9 of this solicitation.

Solicitation Approach and Overview:
This BAA remains effective for proposal selection for three years from the initial date of issuance with the ability to award contracts for four years. Multiple calls for proposals may occur in conjunction with this BAA. The topics and milestones (Attachment 9) published in the initial issuance are firm. In the future, ongoing, new or emerging requirements may necessitate amendment of the BAA to include new or different topics. At any time when new topics are added, Attachment 9 will be amended to incorporate new topics and milestones associated the time period for submissions. These amendments are expected periodically throughout the effect date of the BAA.
Proposals will be accepted and considered that combine Basic Research with Applied Research, Applied Research, and/or Advanced Technology Development as specified in each topic. This BAA will not consider Advanced Component Development and Prototypes under Section 819 of Public Law 111-84. However, offerors may propose efforts necessary to evaluate integrated advanced development to expedite technology transition from the laboratory to operational use under a final option and limited to a period of one year while a new competitive effort can be awarded. Depending on the nature of requirements and/or available funding, each of these research categories may or may not be included in the most current List of Topics. Attachment 9 may be amended to add new topics throughout the requirement period. Each subsequent amended Attachment 9 requesting submissions for new topics will incorporate new milestones specific to those topics.
The Government encourages proposals that span a wide spectrum of possible technical and business solutions in response to the specific technology topics stated in Attachment 9. The Government reserves the right to award any combination of approaches which offer the best overall value to the Government, and to oversee any and all processes and approaches once ongoing.
A full range of flexible acquisition related statutory authority arrangements available to DTRA are possible results from this announcement, including but not limited to, Contracts, Task Orders, and Other Transaction Agreements (OTA). The Government does not intend to award grants or Cooperative agreements under this solicitation. Each of these procurement instruments offers different advantages, liabilities and responsibilities for the Government. Except for OTAs, the Government actions under this BAA shall adhere to the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).
All questions (administrative or technical) related to this BAA must be e-mailed to CB-FY14-16BAA@dtra.mil.

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