28 September 2012

Applied Public Health Informatics Fellowship - Host Site Applications Open

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Host Site applications are now being accepted from state and local public health agencies to host a fellow in the Class II Applied Public Health Informatics Fellowship program!

Host Site Applications will be accepted: September 19, 2012- November 6, 2012

The Applied Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program is designed to give Informatics Fellows an accelerated training experience and on-the-job training at health departments in preparation for a career as public health informaticians at the state or local level.  Over the course of one year, Fellows will address projects to strengthen the public health informatics capacity of the host health agency.  Activities might include working on disease surveillance systems, public health registries, public health activities with Health Information Exchanges and other public health informatics priorities for the host site. Fellows will have Masters or Doctoral level education with demonstrated expertise in Public Health Informatics and a commitment to working in applied public health. 
Fellows are supported through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are matched to a health departments. One application per state and local health agency will be accepted per host health agency. Assignments will begin by June 1, 2012.

Host Site Application Information:

Host site applications should describe the Fellowship assignment, supervision, support structure, and workplace environment proposed for the Fellow. All applications must include a letter of support from the applicant's State Health Officer, State Epidemiologist or Local Health Officer. Complete applications will be reviewed by a review panel and are evaluated on:
  • The scope, quality, and diversity of experience offered to the Fellow,
  • Experience of supervisors in management, informatics, and mentoring,
  • Potential long-term career placement for the Fellow,
  • Potential professional development opportunities and state financial support provided for the Fellow,
  • Availability of office space, computer and office/technical support, and
  • Letters of support for the mentor seeking a Fellow.
Applications must also include a description of two designated mentors: a primary mentor and a secondary mentor. The primary mentor is required to hold a doctoral level degree, and it is preferred that the secondary mentor have doctoral level training as well. Both mentors must devote four hours per week to spend with the Fellow during the first month of the Fellowship and two hours per week for the duration of the training period.
Health agencies approved to host a fellow will have demonstrated capacity to provide a Fellow with technical training, applied research opportunities, and opportunities for experience in the application of public health informatics in a practical setting.

How to Apply:

Please visit www.aphif.org for complete information and the link to our electronic application. HostSite Applications will be accepted September 19, 2012- November 6, 2012.

Please note: Application to the Applied Public Health Informatics Fellowship does not guaranteeplacement of a Fellow at your host health agency.

If you have any questions about the Applied Public Health Informatics Fellowship program or the host site application please contact aphif@cste.org or 770-458-3811.


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