19 March 2012

ASPR's 2012 Public Health Challenge

ISDS would like to encourage its community to take part in a challenge to create a web application that uses data from Twitter to automatically generate a list of trending illnesses based on location. Developed by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, the "Now Trending Challenge" is looking for technology-minded participants from various backgrounds to step up to this challenge and opportunity to win $21,000. 

For more information about the "Now Trending Challenge" and how to participate, read the announcement below and visit the challenge website at www.nowtrendingchallenge.com.


ASPR's 2012 Public Health Challenge: Now Trending -#Health In My Community

We’re looking for:

·                     Computer Phenoms
·                     Technology Students
·                     At-home Coders
·                     Problem Solvers

The Challenge:

At a recent Forum hosted by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, state and local health practitioners expressed their desire to more easily access social media data. The Now Trending Challenge was created to help fill this need.
The Now Trending Challenge asks participants to create a web-based application using open-source Twitter data that will automatically deliver a list of the top-five trending illnesses from a specified geographic region in a twenty-four hour period. This data would be sent to state and local health practitioners to use in a variety of ways including building a baseline of trend data, engaging the public on trending health topics, serving as an indicator of potential health issues emerging in the population, or cross-referencing other data sources.

The winning submission will receive a grand prize of $21,000, as well as a $1000 travel stipend to attend an event announcing the winner.  In addition to the monetary prize, winners will have the chance to present their tool at a Fusion Forum and will ultimately benefit from national visibility and recognition as the tool is used by state and local health practitioners throughout the nation.

For further information, including complete rules and regulations, and to register your intent to participate, please visit www.nowtrendingchallenge.com.

Stay informed!

For frequent updates and more information follow:

Hashtag: #NowTrending2012

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