29 August 2011

Message from BioSense Redesign Team

Dear BioSense Redesign Stakeholder:

A new post for the Public Health Situation Awareness topic has launched! Please take a moment to visit the BioSense Redesign site and answer the new questions* that explore elements of data exchange (i.e., current and preferred data formats and transport methods) with BioSense 2.0. The CDC will use your feedback to better understand how to tailor the new BioSense application. Your feedback is valuable to the redesign of the BioSense system and program.
Please visit the BioSense Redesign Collaboration Web Site to access questions at the Requirements Gathering Work Center or link directly to the questions at the Public Health Situation Awareness Feedback Forum 11: Data Exchange with BioSense 2.0 (posted 08/23/2011).

If you’d like to contribute to a previous post, please click here to access archived questions.

Thank you,

The BioSense Redesign Team

*New questions are posted for comment on a weekly to biweekly basis. Check back often for updates and summaries of feedback posted by stakeholders.

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