07 April 2011

What's the 411 on 911? BioSense Redesign Connects with First Responders & Emergency Preparedness Professionals at PHPS

Here is another announcement from our colleagues at BioSense regarding the recent Public Health Preparedness Summit (PHPS):
The BioSense Redesign project staff made their rounds at the recent Public Health Preparedness Summit (PHPS) in Atlanta; we conducted a variety of pre and post conference information gathering activities to gain a better understanding of data and communication needs during critical events and emergencies.  Addressing the needs of public health for emergency preparation and response are critical to the redesign of the BioSense Program and the information gathering activities at PHPS represents a key opportunity to engage users in the development process. 

Our pre-conference workshop featured insightful presentations from the BioSense Program Director, Taha Kass-Hout, and Julia Gunn of the Boston Public Health Commission and the ISDS Board of Directors, along with concurrent roundtable sessions.  Participants described their interactions with various technologies and communication platforms and their preferences for each during the session.  Roundtable activities also included a task analysis to examine data and communication needs of local public health practitioners during a flood and pandemic influenza.  On day two, a similar exercise conducted during an interactive session gathered additional feedback on the spectrum of public health concerns and challenges posed by these two kinds of critical threats.  Key topics discussed included resource, supply, and equipment management; communication needs; critical data and information considerations; and the diversity of roles and responsibilities needed to maximize partner and stakeholder response.  

If you missed BioSense at PHPS, please take a moment to visit the BioSense Redesign Collaboration Website and check out their Community Forum; view the Requirements Gathering Work Center or edit the Coverage Map.  Questions and comments are welcomed!

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