10 August 2010

Call for Proposals for Session Addressing Data Quality at the 2010 Annual Conference

The Scientific Program Committee is seeking proposals for a special conference session addressing data quality. The purpose of the session is to highlight methodologies and “best practices” used to monitor data quality. Examples include:
  • Using indicators to identify problems with data quality (e.g., essential data quality checks that should be routinely employed to monitor data quality);
  • Tools (e.g., visualizations, dashboards) developed to audit data quality;
  • Techniques for anticipating changes to data quality when data sources or data elements change over time;
  • Procedures for resolving data quality challenges. 

Proposals should be brief (no longer than 1 page, 12 pt font) and are due no later than September 3rd, 2010*. The format of the session (e.g., panel of speakers, oral presentations, discussion forum, poster presentations, working group) will be chosen based on the number of quality submissions received. Proposals for this session will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee, and you will receive notification of a decision by October 15, 2010.

 *For full submission guidelines, please visit the ISDS website.  

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