10 September 2009

September Article Listing for Literature Review

The following list contains the most recent articles collected by the Research Committee's automated search. These articles will be reviewed on the next Literature Review call, taking place on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 10:00 am EST.


van Hal SJ, Foo H, Blyth CC, McPhie K, Armstrong P, Sintchenko V, Dwyer DE.
Influenza outbreak during Sydney World Youth Day 2008: the utility of laboratory testing and case definitions on mass gathering outbreak containment.
PLoS One. 2009 Sep 3;4(9):e6620.

Elbert Y, Burkom HS.
Development and evaluation of a data-adaptive alerting algorithm for univariate temporal biosurveillance data.
Stat Med. 2009 Sep 1

Caudle JM, van Dijk A, Rolland E, Moore KM.
Telehealth Ontario detection of gastrointestinal illness outbreaks.
Can J Public Health. 2009 Jul-Aug;100(4):253-7.

Bayesian Information Fusion Networks for Biosurveillance Applications.
J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2009 Aug 28

Elliot AJ, Powers C, Thornton A, Obi C, Hill C, Simms I, Waight P, Maguire H, Foord D, Povey E, Wreghitt T, Goddard N, Ellis J, Bermingham A, Sebastianpillai P, Lackenby A, Zambon M, Brown D, Smith GE, Gill ON.
Monitoring the emergence of community transmission of influenza A/H1N1 2009 in England: a cross sectional opportunistic survey of self sampled telephone callers to NHS Direct.
BMJ. 2009 Aug 27;339:b3403.

Uscher-Pines L, Farrell CL, Cattani J, Hsieh YH, Moskal MD, Babin SM, Gaydos CA, Rothman RE.
A survey of usage protocols of syndromic surveillance systems by state public health departments in the United States.
J Public Health Manag Pract. 2009 Sep-Oct;15(5):432-8.

Blair PJ, Wierzba TF, Touch S, Vonthanak S, Xu X, Garten RJ, Okomo-Adhiambo MA, Klimov AI, Kasper MR, Putnam SD.
Influenza epidemiology and characterization of influenza viruses in patients seeking treatment for acute fever in Cambodia.
Epidemiol Infect. 2009 Aug 24;:1-11.

Babin SM.
Using syndromic surveillance systems to detect pneumonic plague.
Epidemiol Infect. 2009 Aug 24;:1-8.

Osnas EE, Heisey DM, Rolley RE, Samuel MD.
Spatial and temporal patterns of chronic wasting disease: fine-scale mapping of a wildlife epidemic in Wisconsin.
Ecol Appl. 2009 Jul;19(5):1311-22.

Wang X, Zeng D, Seale H, Li S, Cheng H, Luan R, He X, Pang X, Dou X, Wang Q.
Comparing Early Outbreak Detection Algorithms Based on Their Optimized Parameter Values.
J Biomed Inform. 2009 Aug 12.

Uphoff H, Geis S, GrĂ¼ber A, Hauri A.
What will the next influenza season bring about: seasonal influenza or the new A(H1N1)v? An analysis of German influenza surveillance data.
Euro Surveill. 2009 Aug 13;14(32.

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