21 April 2009

How to Receive Notifications from the ISDS Wiki

As a part of its monthly Literature Review, the Research Committee is hoping to start wiki based discussions centered around the presentations and papers of invited speakers.

In an initiative to more actively engage Society members in wiki discussion threads, ISDS has created a document with instructions on how to subscribe to notifications indicating when changes have been made.

When choosing to receive notifications, several options are available:

Type of information:
-Discussion changes (recommended)
-Page changes (any edits that are made)
-All changes

Notification method:
-Page Feeds (RSS)

In addition to highlighting the wiki subscription methods, the instructions also contain a section on choosing and configuring an RSS reader. Any one of the various RSS readers will also allow you to subscribe to a feed for this blog, or for the ISDS Twitter account.

To download a pdf of the instructions, please visit the ISDS Wikispaces page.

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