26 March 2009

March Research Committee Meeting

When: Thursday, March 26th, 10:00 am EDT.

1. Collaboration projects with the Public Health Practice Committee -- plans for a 2-hour May webinar. Review flier and Call for Abstracts.
2. Resources section at www.isds.wikispaces.org/resources, the forum, and other research sites; Stevan Reilly will give a tutorial on options for automatic notifications.

1. In preparation for the joint RC/PHPC webinar on May 28th, the Committee reviewed the publicity flier and the Call for Abstracts. The final edits for the Call for Abstracts were approved, and the letter will be sent out to the Public Health Practice Committee mailing list on Friday, March 27th. Any epidemiologists who are on the Research Committee were also invited to submit abstracts.

The publicity flier, developed for ISDS by Aptima, will go out on Monday, allowing some more time for any visual edits, if necessary. It is hoped that the publicity flier can be distributed to a wide cross-section of the research community at large. If you are interested in distributing the flier, please contact rviola@syndromic.org for an electronic copy.

2. Stevan Reilly explained how to sign up for Wikispaces updates using RSS. Wikispaces has two options for subscribing to RSS feeds: discussion updates and page changes. The notification of updates to a discussion thread is likely the most useful for ISDS members. Page and website edit notifications are more for the administrator.

Society members who don’t use RSS can also receive email updates with notifications of changes to the wiki. The email notifications are separate and distinct from RSS feeds, and are still very effective for those who don’t use an RSS reader.

The instructions for how to subscribe to the wiki RSS feed will be added to the wikispaces home page soon.

Next Meeting:
In lieu of the next bi-monthly Research Committee meeting, there will be a special 2-hour webinar presentation. For more information, click here.

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